Sunday, April 27, 2008

We Love You Grandpa!

About two weeks ago, a flyer came home regarding pet day at school on April 25th. Carson came home very excited because he knew what pet he was going to bring...

We only have one pet-a cat named Tigra that hides all day and hisses at Carson-not a good choice for pet day. Carson had not even thought about bringing Tigra though, he wanted to bring his baby calf from Grandpa Newman's farm-the one he had choosen a week ago. It was officially "his" calf. Grandpa had let him pick one and wrote above his pen "Carson Greener's Calf." He also had allowed Carson to feed the baby calf.

I wasn't to sure about the bringing the baby calf, but did not want to break Carson's heart so I thought we would give it a try. I talked to his teacher who said that bringing the calf would be "great" she also said "no one has ever brought a calf before."

We called Grandpa Newman and asked if he could arrange bringing "Carson's Pet" to Ogden. Of course, Grandpa said he could. Now all we had to do was wait untill pet day at school. For two. long. weeks....

Pet day arrived and Carson was sooooo excited. We arrived at school and Grandpa, Uncle Max, Aunt Karen, and Mason were there with the calf (the pet show was first thing in the morning). Carson literally jumped out of the car (before it stopped) to go be by his calf. I have never seen him so proud.

The children were waiting for the school bell to ring, and there was a huge circle surrounding the (poor) baby calf. The bell rang, and Carson reluctantly went to class. They would of course do all the inside animals first and then bring the kids outside to see the calf.

We waited outside, and about 15 minutes later, Carson came around the corner with the biggest grin on his face and shouted "They're coming!" He then proudly went back and led his class out to see "his pet."

The kids loved the calf. Carson loved it. I loved it. I loved my dad. I loved Uncle Max and Aunt Karen. I loved Cousin Mason. The calf did not love it...actually it did pretty good. :) Thank you so much Dad, Max, and Karen for making my little boys wish come true!

"They're coming!"

You have to make this picture big and look at Carson's proud, happy, excited face as he led his class out to see his pet. Priceless.

Grandpa helping Carson answer questions about his pet.

"The Calf Crew" Thanks again! We love you so much!


Kelli said...

Super cute! What a great Grandpa Carson has. His face is so adorable. He really was proud, I can tell.

Ben & Keri said...

That is so neat! What a great grandpa you have Carson. I bet your class loved seeing your pet! Love you

Heart on my sleeve said...

Carson I bet you are the coolest dude on campus now! Just wait! All the girls will be chasing you around the playground for sure because you are a stud!