Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bedtime AKA Playtime

Carson has had trouble with bedtime, ever since the time changed. He always says "It is not bedtime...the sun is up." This is how our usual night goes.

8:00 teeth brushed, pjs on, stories read, prayers said, hugs and kisses given, night light on, covers on, goodnight, I love you said, mom walks out of Carson's room.

8:01 Carson yells "I need another drink" -Drink given, back to bed...

8:04 Carson up to bathroom (again-he just went 10 minutes ago)...back to bed

8:10 Carson yells "I am too hot/cold" Covers adjusted..back to bed

8:16 Carson "Mom, I am not tired yet"

8:24 Carson "Mom did I take my vitamin today?"

You get the point..this usually lasts 30-45 minutes. I am not sure how to help Carson with this. His room is already as dark as it can be and he needs to go to bed at this time because he NEVER wants to get up in the morning.

He is a darling little boy though and eventually he will fall asleep and doesn't he look cute! Love ya Carson!

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