Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Birthday Girl

Hannah on the day she was born.

This post written on July 15, 2009

I could write so many things about Hannah at this age. She is growing and learning so much. You can just see the little wheels turning in her head as she takes everything in.

Here is what Hannah is up to at two years old.

She is talking in full sentences. She can repeat anything you tell her to, and can communicate easily. It is so interesting to know what is going on in her little mind-because she can tell you!

Every morning when she wakes up she asks where everyone is. Where is Dada? Where is brother (pronounced Broder)? Where is Grandma? Where is Melissa (pronounced Issa?)Where is (fill in the blank over and over again)?

She is TERRIFIED of bugs. She hates them so bad. She screams, runs away, and hollers "Scare me! Scare me!" if she sees a bug. Unfortunately, Carson uses this to his advantage and tells Hannah there are buggies in places he does not want her to go.

She also does not like leaves. Anytime she sees a leaf out of place (ie on the tramp, in the pool) she grabs my hand and says "Get the leaf out." Carson and I call her the "leaf police" and even made up a little song and dance to sing to her about it. Hannah likes the song and dances and sings to it too.

She is a little mother, and I am amazed at how soon little girls have that motherly intuition. She pretend feeds her babies, always wants to make sure they are covered with a blanket, and gives them plenty of loves and kisses.

When riding in the car, she always looks out the windows for any horses or cows. When she sees either, she gets SO excited and says "look Mom, horsies eating" She loves all animals and wants to pet any dog or cat that she sees.

She still has her "pretty picture smile" that looks a lot like this...

She has finally (as in, within the last week) started to allow me to do her hair, and actually leave her pretty bows in! I can't tell you how excited I am about this! She will not however, let me curl her hair with the curling iron...if she sees that thing she immediately says "hot! hot!" and shys away.

We have been to Lagoon a few times with her, and she isn't so sure about it. She likes the train and that is about it. On the other rides (you know really scary ones like the carousel) she gets this terrified look on her face and looks like she is about to cry...sometimes she does cry and sometimes she is able to hold those little tears back.

She is getting a mouth full of teeth, as her eye teeth on top and bottom are just coming through.

She loves "chockie milk", bread, and corn. She still is an adventurous eater and will try anything depending on the order I give it to her. She will always eat the foods she is familiar with first, so I offer those to her last. She has tried and liked many new things using this method.

She loves to swim and has no fear. She jumps in if you are there to catch her or not. I can hardly stand to take my eyes or hands off her, even if Cam is watching her, because of how "brave" she is in the water.

Hannah at her One year old birthday party

She loves her brother and he loves her. It is cute to see their little relationship. Hannah can't stand it when Carson is sad, and is always there to comfort him with hugs.

She is a very friendly little girl, and doesn't mind being the center of attention, or being around people she doesn't know so well. She can make anyone fall in love with her.

She is currently obsessed with monkeys, and gets very excited if she sees one (a picture, a stuffed one, etc).

She loves to sing and has quite the repertoire. She can sing, Jingle Bells, Old Macdonald Had a Farm, Five little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Yes Jesus Loves Me. Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little star, bits and pieces of the Alphabet song-especially the letters C and D (over and over again...), and a lullaby song she made up to her babies.

Her hair is getting blonder and blonder and is straight as a stick and very wispy. She might be twenty before she has enough to pull up in a pony tail.

She also may be wearing diapers until then as well. :) Despite my best (and many) attempts at potty training her. She just isn't ready, I guess. Serenity all I can say about that.

She has her Dad's type of skin and we call her our little "brown baby." Even though I always slather her in SPF 50, she always manages to get a little bit more tan.

Even though she is two, she still looks so babyish to me. I am not sure if it is her lack of hair, her round baby cheeks, or what. But to me, she still has that baby look to her and I love it. I would keep her little forever, if I could. :)

We are so blessed to have Hannah in our family, and glad we waited so long so we could have her and enjoy her as much as we do. Everyday she is a big ray of sunshine, and I am always excited for her to wake up from bed or naps, just so I can be with her.

Happy Birthday Hannah! We love you so!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Cake

One of my favorite things about birthdays, is making the cakes. I think I'll cry when my kids ask for a "store bought cake." Of course we needed a monkey cake, but I didn't like any of the Monkey cake pans or the cake designs with a monkey face. They all looked a little to boyish to me and didn't fit the "vision" I had for Hannah's cake.

I made the base of the cake with yummy pink buttercream frosting. I made HOMEMADE (I am very proud of this!) fondant to make the monkeys. I'm not much of an artist, and the monkeys were harder to make than I thought...but I think it turned out pretty cute.

The Presents

Hannah is a loved little girl, she received lots of monkeys, babies, a tea set, a pretty Sunday dress, lots of beautiful homemade dresses, sweaters, and blankies.

I really wanted to find a WOODEN kitchen set for Hannah, but never found the "perfect" one. The day of her birthday came, and I still did not have anything picked out for her. Hannah LOVES to jump on my sister's "trampoling" so as a last minute purchase...

Hannah loves her trampoline, and it has already received many hours of jumping time.

The Party

We had a swim party with of course lots of food. I think Hannah enjoyed being the center of attention.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Today is this sweet girl's 2nd Birthday.

Details to come....

Friday, July 10, 2009

10 Years of PURE LOVE...right honey?

This June Cam and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. 10 years seems like a long time yet it has gone by so fast.

Ten year Review:
Our first home. Graduation. Tuition x2. La-Z-Boy. Bear River Valley Care Center. Sealing. Welcome Carson. RN graduation. McKay Dee Hospital. Bachelors Graduation. Graduate School begins. CPA exam studying. Masters in Accounting. JD Clark. CPA. Home sweet home. "Your Mom goes to college." Bishopric. BSN Graduation. Welcome Hannah. Graduate school begins. Goldman Sachs....what's next?

Its hard to not get a little choked up thinking back on the past ten years. Cam has been a good husband and daddy. I feel lucky to have snatched him up.

We made it Honey! Here's to many, many, more years!

We celebrated this milestone last week. Here's how: