Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our summer

What we did...when I could not blog about it!

We celebrated the fourth of July Bothwell style. Hannah had the cutest red, white, and blue outfit there was (material chosen by Carson, sewed by Grandma Newman). We celebrated the 24th with a yummy dinner, fireworks, and a beautiful susnset at my sister Melissa's house.

We went to Color Me Mine, where Carson painted a racecar, Hannah painted a mug, and I made a birthday plate. It was such a fun activity and I highly recommend it.

We attended an awesome birthday party where a real firetruck made an appearance. Carson sprayed the hose, asked lots of questions, and we all went on a ride on the back of the firetruck. If Carson did not have a December Birthday we would be having this same party-it was great!

Probably the greatest thing (and biggest accomplishment!) was getting Little Miss pottytrained! After many attempts it finally clicked on July 28th! She is doing great and we are so proud of her!

To be continued...