Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A most ONEderful year with our sweet Ada

I chose a Hot Air Balloon Theme for Ada's party.
Cake by Mom 


Ada at 1 year-
A small fry! 
Weight 18.4 9% percentile
6 teeth! 4 on top 2 on the bottom
Learned how to crawl a mere 3 weeks before turning one
Says Mama, Dada, Bah
Can wave, give kisses, clap, roll hands, point
Loves-her people Mom, Dad, Carson, Hannah, Aunt Melissa
Wakes up once or twice a night still! 
Loves to be held.  Would much rather be held than explore.
Is quiet and reserved, likes to watch and observe. 

Simply put, Ada is the sweetest baby on the earth.  She is full of happiness and love. Being her Momma is a joy.  I dreamed and wished for this little baby for so long and she is far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Happy Birthday daughter!

First Day Of School

Oh my babies, little ones
The hardest thing I do
Is hold you close then let you go
and say goodbye to you

August 24, 2015
Carson age 13, 8th grade
Hannah age 8, 3rd grade Miss Hunter
Ada age 1, Mommy school

The best $5 I ever spent

August 2015

I bought Ada this little plastic pool at the beginning of summer.  She loved this little pool. We stored it on the side of the driveway.  Every morning when we got back from our morning walk she pointed at her little pool and grunted until I got it set up for her.  You could find her swimming in it nearly every morning at 8:30!

Brother and Sister even joined in a few times!  Although, I think Ada preferred to have the pool to herself. :)