Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have so much to post about, but right now the kids and I all have a case of the sickies. I just wanted to show how cute Carson and Hannah looked in their Easter outfits.

One more thing...why is it so difficult to get one cute picture of two kids at the same time???

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hannah and my Mom's sweet sewing skills.

My mom made this cute dress for Hannah. I bought some more material and we ( mom basically :) made some more this weekend. I love them! They are so very cute. We also made some mock baby legs (although not the ones in this picture). I am going to take some photos of Hannah modeling her other dresses and 'baby legs' so stay tuned....

Ps...I feel like I have more and post more photos of Hannah crying then smiling. This little lady does not enjoy having her pictures taken! Not good when you have me as a mother! :)

Distance makes the heart grow fonder... :)

Cameron has been in Princeton, NJ for the past 2 weeks with still one more week to go before he comes home. Goldman Sachs' main offices are back East (NY and NJ) and it was easier for Cam to physically be there to help during the busy tax season.

Well, as any CPA's wife would know :), its not like Cam would be spending a lot of time at HOME during tax season anyway, so at the time, it didn't seem like that different of a sacrifice. Also, does anyone tell their boss "No" if they are asked to do something reasonable?

Cam was supposed to come home on April 9th. He called me and said that they wanted him to extend as long as April 15th. What can I say? What can he say? I told him I was disappointed he would be gone over Easter.

Well, Cam talked to his boss and is now coming home on April 10th. He will be home for my birthday, and be home for Easter. I am grateful.

Honestly, the time has gone by fast, and hasn't been to bad. But now, I miss him, and I want him to come home. Now.

Science Fair

Carson had his Science Fair the last week in March. He did a portfolio on Leonardo da Vinci. He did a good job and learned a lot.

The science fair was a little bit of a disappointment though as it was not well organized. I am all about organization and can't stand when things aren't! The school even sent home a letter after the fair was over, apologizing for the poor organization. Live and Learn, I guess!