Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Me Trying to be a Photographer

This summer I am taking a "beginning" photography class (Thanks to all who gave me money for my b-day-this is what I bought with it :) I don't want to do weddings or anything like that...just learn how to take better pictures of my kids. I went to wally world and bought a bunch of material from the dollar aisle to use as "backgrounds." I only got to do a few outside and then a few inside before Hannah had had enough. Hear are a few shots.

Carson picked out this gold material and designed this picture himself. I have many poses of him as "the king." I like the "king faces" he was making.

By the last ones I could not get Hannah to smile. As you can see I have a lot to learn (lighting, red eye, etc) but luckily I have two darling subjects to work with!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Paytton's Blessing

Sunday was Paytton's Blessing. It was wonderful. Baby Paytton looked adorable.


Nana and Hannah

Hannah enjoying the festivities

Hannah and Paytton chillin' :)

Grandma and Grandpa with all the Grandkids-Carson, Hannah, and Paytton

We Love You Grandpa!

About two weeks ago, a flyer came home regarding pet day at school on April 25th. Carson came home very excited because he knew what pet he was going to bring...

We only have one pet-a cat named Tigra that hides all day and hisses at Carson-not a good choice for pet day. Carson had not even thought about bringing Tigra though, he wanted to bring his baby calf from Grandpa Newman's farm-the one he had choosen a week ago. It was officially "his" calf. Grandpa had let him pick one and wrote above his pen "Carson Greener's Calf." He also had allowed Carson to feed the baby calf.

I wasn't to sure about the bringing the baby calf, but did not want to break Carson's heart so I thought we would give it a try. I talked to his teacher who said that bringing the calf would be "great" she also said "no one has ever brought a calf before."

We called Grandpa Newman and asked if he could arrange bringing "Carson's Pet" to Ogden. Of course, Grandpa said he could. Now all we had to do was wait untill pet day at school. For two. long. weeks....

Pet day arrived and Carson was sooooo excited. We arrived at school and Grandpa, Uncle Max, Aunt Karen, and Mason were there with the calf (the pet show was first thing in the morning). Carson literally jumped out of the car (before it stopped) to go be by his calf. I have never seen him so proud.

The children were waiting for the school bell to ring, and there was a huge circle surrounding the (poor) baby calf. The bell rang, and Carson reluctantly went to class. They would of course do all the inside animals first and then bring the kids outside to see the calf.

We waited outside, and about 15 minutes later, Carson came around the corner with the biggest grin on his face and shouted "They're coming!" He then proudly went back and led his class out to see "his pet."

The kids loved the calf. Carson loved it. I loved it. I loved my dad. I loved Uncle Max and Aunt Karen. I loved Cousin Mason. The calf did not love it...actually it did pretty good. :) Thank you so much Dad, Max, and Karen for making my little boys wish come true!

"They're coming!"

You have to make this picture big and look at Carson's proud, happy, excited face as he led his class out to see his pet. Priceless.

Grandpa helping Carson answer questions about his pet.

"The Calf Crew" Thanks again! We love you so much!

Picnic, Park, Kites....

Friday, April 25th, Mason came to our house to play. We went on a picnic, played at the park, went kite flying , and painted shirts. Here are some pictures of our busy fun day.

The weather was perfect to fly kites. We were able to get our kites as high as the string would allow.

Carson and Mason showing how "hard" it is to fly kites.

Our painted shirts. Carson made a dragon shirt with a knight, Hannah's is a princess shirt-with the crown decorated by Carson, and Mason painted a rainbow shirt.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My LIttle Hannah Bug

Today has been a bummer day for my little Hannah. As you know we had "cooties" a few days ago. Well, we have all been feeling much better, but occasionally Hannah would act a little bit fussier than normal-no big deal...right?

Well, last night after finishing homework (at 1:00 a.m.) I went to check on my sweet pea, before going to bed. She was a mess in her crib-blanket a mess, wriggled over to the corner etc, I touched her to fix her and she was burning up (fever 103.3)! I gave her some tylenol, nursed her and she went right back to sleep.

At 4:00 I heard her whining in her crib the saddest little whine. She was burning up again. I did all the things you do when your kids are sick and Hannah and I fell asleep in the rocking chair (I must have been tired :). This fever trend continued all morning.

I took her to the pediatricians office at 10:15. I had convinced myself that she had an ear infection. She has never had a problem with ear infections but there were no other symptoms other than the fever. In fact when she woke up at 7:30, she was talking, smiling, and playing away. I didn't know what was going on but the fever made me nervous (it was still high, and would barely go down with Tylenol or Motrin).

Well, Hannah's ears looked great, so the MD wanted to check a urine and make sure she did not have a UTI. We will not go into the details of how the urine was collected but lets just say we both cried. Poor Hannah.

The urine was fine, so now what? The MD thinks Hannah might have roseola (a virus that causes a high fever and a rash)...how she got this I don't know (maybe the GYM daycare?) we will have to wait and see if the fever continues and if she develops a rash.

You would think the story ends here but this is were it goes from bad to worse. After Hannah was born (in the NICU) she had a little trouble keeping her hematocrit(HCT) up. For her first 3 months I was taking her in to get it checked once every 1-2 weeks. This problem finally resolved and all was well. At her 6 month check up her HCT was fine.

Well today, "since we were already there" and "just to make sure she was doing okay" the MD suggested checking Hannah's HCT. "Why not? My baby is already screaming her little head off from the urine episode..let's just go ahead and draw her blood now" (emphasis on sarcastic here)

Well the HCT was 9.0 and it is supposed to be at 11.0...so now we get to start the whole HCT checking again and labs for anemia and all that great stuff. I will also be feeding Hannah whatever iron rich foods she will tolerate and then she probably won't go poop for two weeks. Let the good times roll (emphasis on sarcastic here).

I feel like I took her in for one problem and just got a set of new problems thrown at us! This post is making me sound bad...believe me I am glad they checked it, I love our pediatrician-she is wonderful, and want to do what we need to do to make our little one healthy but I am sad for what Hannah will have to go through again!

So keep little Hannah in your thoughts and pray for high hematocrits!! Love you all!

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Official, We had Cooties.

We had some uninvited guests come to our home recently. Were not sure how they got in-we always lock our doors. They are called "cooties". They visited our little Hannah first making her have a fever and a tummy ache. Once they met the rest of us they decided to stick around regardless of the countless times we tried to wash them down the sink or spray them with lysol.

Cam was the next host and they liked him the best! Carson and I, were the last ones to be paid a visit by our guests. We tried to starve them by not eating(ha ha), being horribly boring and sleeping most the day, or make them so hot that they would want to leave.

Only time worked though and we are momentarily cootie free. For any of you who may have these little visitors, shown below is one method of relief from their visit and one our family utilized!

A purchase I couldn't resist...

There is a little antique store that I drive by on my way to the gym, they always have a few things set outside for people to see. I drove by recently and saw a little white rocking chair. I didn't catch a good look (remember I was being a safe and courteous driver...eyes on the road!)but thought that it looked cute. I went to the gym and all I could think about was that rocking chair and how I desperately needed it and Hannah needed it in her room.

When Carson was a baby (about the same age as Hannah now, actually) my mom had a little wooden chair made especially for him. He loved that chair and it is very special to he and I. Hannah needed a special chair and I was sure this was the one.

I left the gym early because I was certain if I did not get to the antique store immediately it would be sold! I sped to the store (no more courteous driver the chair was in danger!) and ran to the front. I grabbed the little white rocking chair which was even cuter close up and was prepared to spend any amount required to be its owner.

The chair is now home with its rightful owners and has now assumed its title of "special chair"

Sometimes I wish…

I have been thinking a lot, reading a lot lately, having a small pity party for myself (we have been sick, feeling overwhelmed with school etc), all of these things are contributing to this unexplainable urge to profess my feelings and love about life so here goes…

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time. I get SO emotional over my kids growing up. It makes me sad. Everyday I wish I could whisk them to Disneyland in the morning, eat their favorite foods all day, play every game they ever wanted to, read thousands of stories at night, teach them everything they will ever need to know, spend every moment with them, and snuggle, kiss, and hug them until the end of time! I dread the day when they won’t want to do these things with me!

Having Hannah, has made time slip by faster for me. Carson seems to be growing up more and more. I feel like if I blink when I open my eyes I will be attending his wedding. When they are adults will they know how much I loved them and love them still? Will they be happy, kind people? I hope and pray that they will.

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t start school again. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for this opportunity and know that it is something that I have wanted to do and will be glad that I did…but oh! The stress, the time, and the enhancing of the first problem discussed! I really do like school but I have my moments and this is one of them.

I wish I spent more time studying the gospel and teaching my kids the gospel. I really do think I fulfill my callings to the best of my ability, but wish that I fulfilled my own spirituality to the best of my ability!

So there it is…my soapbox for the day and I can’t whine without giving a solution so here it is…There is a quote that I can’t reference, but it states something like “wishing away today, just leaves a lot of empty yesterdays” Well instead of wishing I need to start doing!! So here’s to doing!!

Blogging thoughts and questions...

First of all, I am sure that all of you bloggers are already aware of this but I just discovered it and I am excited about it. I had to share...I found a company that will turn your blog into a book.
I LOVE to scrapbook, but have found that I just don't have time to routinely do it right now (kids, school, church, work). I take about a million pictures a day and am just getting further and further behind.
I enjoy blogging, it is very easy and quick, and although it is not the same as scrapbooking it still reaches the same goal...preserving our memories! So I am going to be putting up a lot of posts so I can have a complete book at the end of the year (maybe 1/2 a year?). This brings me to my questions...

From all you professional bloggers out there I need some advice. First how do you post a video (like from your digital camera?) and how do you post mulitple pictures and then a comment alongside of that picture, all on one post? Does that last question make sense? If anyone knows leave me a comment and educate me! Thanks!

Super Fun Day

The dinosaur park is located by the Ogden river there is a wonderful walking trail that runs by the river as well as a playground and a wide open field for sport activities.

It is always a little bit windy in this area because of the canyon. After going to the dinosaur park we went to the sports field and flew kites. The enire day was so much fun. Yeah for spring weather!

Dinosaur Park Birthday Party

Today was the Eccles Dinosaur Park "15th Birthday Party." Carson, Hannah, our two neighbor friends, and I enjoyed the warm weather, the park, and of course the birthday festivities.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All about Hannah at 9 months old!

Milestones I've reached and things I like to do...

I know hot to sit up! (See my picture below with my roly poly arms)
I have two bottom teeth! (Also seen in my pictures below)
I know how to say Mama, Dada, Baba (which Mom, Dad, and Carson say is "brother" :)
I am sooooo close to crawling..I can get up on all fours and go backwards...but I am still learning directions. (Look at me try in my picture!)
Eating. I am adventurous and will try anything and I usually like it! My most favorite foods are sweet potatoes, green beans, and applesauce.
I know how to clap!
I usually sleep through the night.
I like standing up, with help from others.
I like playing peek-a-boo.
I like singing songs with my mom, like eensy weensy spider, patty cake, little green frog, three little monkeys, the piggie song, and a special song my mom made for me.
I like playing "the tickle hand" with my dad.
I like it when my brother spins in circles, or dances for me- it really cracks me up. I LOVE my brother-as evident in my picture below :)
I like it best when I am with my family...I am not so sure about strangers right now.
I insist on silence when I sleep! My ears can hear anything!
I like the water- bathing or swimming.
I like to pull hair.
I don't like getting my face wiped or my fingernails clipped.
I like being outside-especially if it involves a stroller ride.

I am learning new things everyday...watch me grow!


Hannah, today is your "9 month" birthday. It seems so cliche to say it, but it really does seem like yesterday you were a little newborn. At that time, I was so glad to have you but my heart was filled with worry. I just wanted to grab you from the NICU and take you home!

When I look at you now, I am so proud of all you have accomplished and how you have grown! I love everything about you. I love your cute smile that pushes your chubby cheeks back to show deep dimples on both sides. I love your litte dark shadow of hair...that is inspected daily to check for new growth! I love your little roly poly arms and legs. I love your soft sweet voice that says Mama and Dada. I love the way you kick your legs as fast as you can when you are excited. I love the way you love your brother and let him hold you. I love your big brown eyes and lashes. I love that you look like me (sorry Greener's!). I love your shy little personality, and when you nuzzle your head in my shoulder to help you feel safe. I love when you babble to us and carry on a conversation of things we wish we knew and remembered. I love you most awake and asleep, happy or sad. Words cannot express a mother's love for her children!

I love you Cam, Carson, and Hannah!

Happy April 15th!!!!!!!!

I am declaring this a national holiday in the Greener household! Tax season is over and my family gets to have their dad/hubby back! Cam has taken off the next three days and I can't wait! Welcome Home..we've missed you!

This picture is just because...I love the way Carson is looking up at his dad.

Carson's Store

Carson was in the kitchen, yelling out periodically "don't come in here!" Well he finally allowed me in only to be greeted by his store which was "Open and ready for business." Here is a picture of his store and a list of what was available for purchase.

Water (6 cents)
Pudding or Jello (4 cents)
Bandaids(10 cents)
Tootsie Rolls (4 cents)

I purchased some water, pudding, and a bandaid-which the store owner quickly applied to my leg. I only had a dollar, but no worries the owner stated he could keep the change. Carson you are so smart and so cute!


Our ward had a fiesta party last Saturday. I have to say it was one of the funnest activities we have ever had. The decorations were awesome, the food was great, and the entertainment was a blast (dancers and then pinatas). Here are a few pics of our fun night.

Bedtime AKA Playtime

Carson has had trouble with bedtime, ever since the time changed. He always says "It is not bedtime...the sun is up." This is how our usual night goes.

8:00 teeth brushed, pjs on, stories read, prayers said, hugs and kisses given, night light on, covers on, goodnight, I love you said, mom walks out of Carson's room.

8:01 Carson yells "I need another drink" -Drink given, back to bed...

8:04 Carson up to bathroom (again-he just went 10 minutes ago)...back to bed

8:10 Carson yells "I am too hot/cold" Covers adjusted..back to bed

8:16 Carson "Mom, I am not tired yet"

8:24 Carson "Mom did I take my vitamin today?"

You get the point..this usually lasts 30-45 minutes. I am not sure how to help Carson with this. His room is already as dark as it can be and he needs to go to bed at this time because he NEVER wants to get up in the morning.

He is a darling little boy though and eventually he will fall asleep and doesn't he look cute! Love ya Carson!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Congratulations Bryce and Keisha!

Last night was Bryce and Keisha's wedding reception. First of all, I hae to say how WONDERFUL everything was and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Bryce and Keisha! We LOVE you guys and are so excited for you. Now, if only you weren't moving across the country in a few days....

My Babies looked adorable in their wedding outfits. Hannah had every possible matching accesory-headband (thx g-ma greener), necklace & bracelet(thx aunt melissa), jacket and shoes (thx g-ma newman). Carson stole the show with his cute smile and personality.

Keisha asked Carson to dance and it made his night. He had a huge smile on his face the whole time and absolutely LOVED this..he talked about it all last night and again this morning. Thanks Aunt Keisha!

We had a great time...and love having Bryce back home and now having Keisha in our family!

My Little Artist

If you ask Carson what he wants to be when he grows up, he always gives a few different professions. Two answers that remain constant are an artist and an inventor. Well, Carson was able to show off his art skills at his schools art show, last Thursday. My Camera battery died so these are the only two pictures I got of the show. They had a lot of art activities to participate in, besides looking at the kids artwork. I am so proud of my little boy!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Run for Fun? What kind of fun is that?

So a pregnancy and a lot of months ago I was running everyday at least 3-12 miles. I completed three half-marathons that year. Since I had Hannah I just have not been getting in the zone to run again. A mile on the treadmill feels like ten. I needed some motivation and signed myself up for the Ogden 5K race on May 17th. It is going to be very low key for me..I just wanted some motivation to get started. I am going to run while pushing Hannah in the running stroller..so believe me when I say LOW KEY. I also signed Carson up to run the Kids K. We have been practicing at least 2-3 times a week. He does great for the first 1/2 mile, but to have him finish out the last two laps is like pulling teeth (notice the thumbs down picture)...I am hoping this will improve. If you want to join in the fun let me know. If you want to see me cross the finish line you will have to show up at 0715, if you want to watch Carson cross the finish line show up at 1230. Wish us luck!!

Another Photo Shoot

These girls are going to grow up thinking they are movie stars and their mother/aunt is the paprazzi!