Monday, April 21, 2008

A purchase I couldn't resist...

There is a little antique store that I drive by on my way to the gym, they always have a few things set outside for people to see. I drove by recently and saw a little white rocking chair. I didn't catch a good look (remember I was being a safe and courteous driver...eyes on the road!)but thought that it looked cute. I went to the gym and all I could think about was that rocking chair and how I desperately needed it and Hannah needed it in her room.

When Carson was a baby (about the same age as Hannah now, actually) my mom had a little wooden chair made especially for him. He loved that chair and it is very special to he and I. Hannah needed a special chair and I was sure this was the one.

I left the gym early because I was certain if I did not get to the antique store immediately it would be sold! I sped to the store (no more courteous driver the chair was in danger!) and ran to the front. I grabbed the little white rocking chair which was even cuter close up and was prepared to spend any amount required to be its owner.

The chair is now home with its rightful owners and has now assumed its title of "special chair"


The New 6 said...

Hannah, I love your new rocking chair a little girl always needs a rocking chair. April you are the best mom ever. Don't get down on yourself you are doing the BEST each day, that you can do. Our Heavenly Father knows that, and blesses you for that. Your kids will know how much you love them even when they are teenagers. I get the biggest thrill when my onder girls still just want to sit on my lap and get hugs from mom.

I love those antique stores the rocking chair is priceless.

Ben & Keri said...

I love the chair! A little girl needs her own rocking chair! She is a cutie!