Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Official, We had Cooties.

We had some uninvited guests come to our home recently. Were not sure how they got in-we always lock our doors. They are called "cooties". They visited our little Hannah first making her have a fever and a tummy ache. Once they met the rest of us they decided to stick around regardless of the countless times we tried to wash them down the sink or spray them with lysol.

Cam was the next host and they liked him the best! Carson and I, were the last ones to be paid a visit by our guests. We tried to starve them by not eating(ha ha), being horribly boring and sleeping most the day, or make them so hot that they would want to leave.

Only time worked though and we are momentarily cootie free. For any of you who may have these little visitors, shown below is one method of relief from their visit and one our family utilized!

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Heart on my sleeve said...

OH! For a moment I thought you were infested with the crawly kind! Thought you were scooping them up into jars...