Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Three Little Fishes

On Monday, Melissa and Mason, met us at the Clearfield Aquatic Center, for the first swim of the season. I wasn't planning on Hannah swimming (hence the lack of a swimsuit), Melissa was not going to swim and she was going to watch Hannah. Well, the water was so warm that we had to let Hannah have a try (luckily the pool sold swim diapers). She LOVED it! We all had so much fun and are going to make it a weekly event.


Ben & Keri said...

This makes me anxious for summer! Glad to see that Hannah loves the water. I'm sure a darling swim suit(s) she will soon be sporting!
Love, G.Greener

The New 6 said...

Can't wait for the next time. That cute baby doesn't need a swimsuit. Although I seen the cute ones grandma T got her for easter can't wait for her to model them... That place looks like so much fun and I am all there especially if the water is warm!!