Sunday, September 8, 2013

To Love

I cringe sometimes as she hugs barely-not-strangers. On the "what should I know about your child" letter sent home from school, I warned her teacher...

My Hannah, my baby babe is the most affectionate child I have known. She loves to hug, to hold hands, to show love and be loved. Everyone is a target--Her teacher, our next door neighbors, my friend Sarah, someone she just met... her love knows no boundaries.

Yesterday she came home from school, immediately put on her apron, got out the sugar, and exclaimed she wanted to make homemade suckers for her new violin teacher, our next door neighbors, and her friend Amelia.

I started to say no, but saw the light in her eyes, the excitement in her voice...and got down the sucker molds.

She chose a clear cherry flavor and promptly dyed the suckers teal. We carefully filled the Santa, Christmas tree, and snowflake sucker molds--her choice again. She wrapped each sucker tenderly in red and green wraps with pink and blue twist ties. Each sucker was placed in a red and green Christmas box. Mind you, it was September 6th.

On each box she carefully wrote the names of her friends with a big heart around each name. She was so happy she could hardly stand it. Dimples showing, she said "Mom, isn't this fun, isn't this going to be great!" more times than I could count.

She promptly wanted to deliver her gifts. At each house, for a moment, I wanted to explain. To tell them I was sorry they were Christmas themed, that even though the suckers were a blue color, they were flavored cherry. But I didn't. Hannah did all the talking, telling each person she loved them and wanted to make a surprise for them, and including a hug at each goodbye. Each person reciprocated her enthusiasm and at the end of our deliveries, I could sense her satisfaction.

Today she received a thank you note, tucked in the door addressed to "Heavenly Hannah"

Oh, to love like a six year old and be loved like all six year olds should. To not care about handing out Santa suckers in September. To only think about the fact that what you are doing will bring joy to someone else. To always want to show the people you love, that you love them. To speak kindly and show affection. Doesn't that sound wonderful, even if you're not six?

My Hannah, my baby babe, may you never change.