Thursday, April 3, 2008

Introducing the Next Project

Okay, so I think that everyone knows my husband likes having a project to do...and when I say the word project, I don't mean like cleaning out the garage. He loves old homes especially the ones that need fixing. He completely gutted and remodeled our first home, when the projects ran out-we moved. Our current home is registered on the historic district so he didn't do any gutting, but he did do a lot of restoring. Well he has currently run out of projects on our home and we did not want to "for an investment"...and "to improve Ogden" we are the proud new owners of this "beautiful duplex"
According to Cam, this house has so much potential. It is 3700 sq feet. The upstairs is a 3 bedroom 1 bath apartment, and the main floor is a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment. There is also a basement apartment that has one bedroom and a bath, but we are going to leave it alone for now, and market it as a duplex. The home was originally one grand home, later made into a triplex. Eventually Cam wants to restore it back into a single family dwelling which also according to him will be "so easy."
The first time (and only time) I went to look at the house, I was told to be prepared for a "cultural experience" when looking at the upstairs. Let's just say I was not disappointed. Apparently some artists lived upstairs. I am not making fun, they were actually quite talented and the paintings are not bad...just seem a little strange for a home. You can look at the pictures and see for yourself.
So Cam, has his hands full for the next few months, we are going to work on the upstairs first, get that rented out then work on the downstairs. I plan on offering lots of moral support :) and landscaping the yard.
The house obviously needs a lot of work, but I know for certain that my hubby will have it looking beautiful soon. He is excellent at this type of stuff and really enjoys doing it. I don’t think he could be happy watching TV on his days off so instead we bought a house for him to fix up…which I know he will do quickly and wonderfully!
This long post is for my mom...she has heard me talk about it and here it is!


Heart on my sleeve said...

My knee jerk reaction was murals in the temple!!! Was that the telestial room??? Cool!

The New 6 said...

Wow! What a project for ya cam and Family. Well April I would like to see you top that art work for the other levels of the house. That is prtty darn cool that he can just go buy a house for project. Way to go you two.