Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hannah, today is your "9 month" birthday. It seems so cliche to say it, but it really does seem like yesterday you were a little newborn. At that time, I was so glad to have you but my heart was filled with worry. I just wanted to grab you from the NICU and take you home!

When I look at you now, I am so proud of all you have accomplished and how you have grown! I love everything about you. I love your cute smile that pushes your chubby cheeks back to show deep dimples on both sides. I love your litte dark shadow of hair...that is inspected daily to check for new growth! I love your little roly poly arms and legs. I love your soft sweet voice that says Mama and Dada. I love the way you kick your legs as fast as you can when you are excited. I love the way you love your brother and let him hold you. I love your big brown eyes and lashes. I love that you look like me (sorry Greener's!). I love your shy little personality, and when you nuzzle your head in my shoulder to help you feel safe. I love when you babble to us and carry on a conversation of things we wish we knew and remembered. I love you most awake and asleep, happy or sad. Words cannot express a mother's love for her children!

I love you Cam, Carson, and Hannah!

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