Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wow. I can't believe my baby is already 15 months old-she is growing so fast! Today she had her well-child check up here are her stats:

Ht: 31 1/4 inches (75%)
Wt: 24.9 pounds (80%)
Head Circumfrence: 47.5 cm (90%)

She is perfectly healthy and happy! The only comment the Pediatrician made was that she was VERY slow on "growing teeth"-but that was okay for now...if she does not have any molars (or any signs of molars coming in) by 18 months I need to take her in again. So we will see. This was also the worst visit for immunizations. She has never cried that hard/long before but today was quite traumatic for her I guess! Poor baby.

Here are all things great, good, cute, adorable, funny, lovable etc about Hannah!

She is quite the professional walker and has gained a lot of independence from this skill. She wants to WALK everywhere instead of riding in the stroller or being held. She also tries to "jump" and gets very close to getting both feet off the ground.

She continues to "dance" on command and has added "singing" on command to her many talents-very cute.

She shakes her head yes and no appropriately.

She LOVES to wave bye bye.

She says her own version of Carson-especially when prompted in the morning to wake him up.

She loves, LOVES, loves playin in her brother's room-which he does NOT love. I swear she knows it is off limits and therefore loves it even more.

Much to her mother's dismay she is an early riser. But she also goes to bed early, so I can't complain.

I can finally put a teeny tiny ponytail in her hair-if she allows it and does not rip it out (which she is constantly trying to do and succeeds at most of the time).

She (and her mom) are currently suffering from seperation anxiety-many tears are shed and leaving is no fun.

She loves to play chase.

She LOVES to be outside.

She won't give real kisses anymore but she will make the "kissing" smack noise.

She gets so very excited when Carson comes home from school-I think she misses him.

She is beautiful and unique, with dark big eyes and light blondish hair that sometimes looks like it has a little red tint to it. I can't wait to see how her features continue to change and grow with her.

Her new nickname is Bell. We have always called her "Hannah-bell" but that has been shortened to just plain Bell. I love that nickname for her and it seems to fit.

We Love our little Baby!

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