Monday, October 20, 2008

Black Island Farm and Bad Luck Happening #2

On Saturday, Cam and I and the kiddos went to Black Island Farm in Syracuse. This is a huge farm that they turn into a Halloween event each year. They have three different corn mazes (one haunted and two non-scary), hayrides to the pumpkin patch, huge slides supported by hay bales, a corn pit (in place of sand), and many other fun things to do.

These pictures aren't the best (too dark!) but you get the idea!

We started our adventure at around 7pm-a little late but the only time Cam could join us. By 9:15 Hannah was tired and "done." We started heading out the car only to realize that somewhere in the 10+ acre play area/corn maze area the keys had fallen out of Cam's jacket.

Looking for them was pointless and the lost and found was empty. We called Cam's brother Grayson and asked him to go to our house, get the spare house key in the garage, open our house, and bring our spare car key out to us. Grayson went to our house and the spare house key that was supposed to be in the garage was nowhere to be found. He ended up just driving out to pick us up (THANK YOU!)

The kids crashed out in Grayson's car-no carseats (locked in the Escape...not good)

When we got home, Grayson and Cam "broke" into our house, got the spare car key and returned to Syracuse to get my vehicle. Cam returned home at 12:45 am. Needless to say it put a damper on the evening.

Maybe our luck is turning around though because on Saturday the farm called us and they actually found our keys! I can't believe they did. I am also so very grateful for Cam's brother who did a lot of driving around and chasing to get us (and our car) home on Saturday. We don't know what we would have done without you Grayson.


california smiths said...

That is awful! I hate when you have a fun outing and something like that happens and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Seems like you handled it well!

The Reese's said...

that sucks! glad it all worked out, looks like fun other than the keys.

Janiece said...

WOW talk about bad luck!!!the important part is that you had fun and you found your keys!!

Hales Happenings said...

April, Hey thanks for checking us out. That's to bad about your keys, I hope you had a good time. I'm working at Autoliv, and you?? I loved the good old nursing home days, we had so much fun:)

Coombs Corner said...

hey I am glad that you found me!! I have been trying to get your blog, but couldn't. glad things worked out with the car situations scary!!!