Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Rent! Finally! Yeah!

The upstairs apartment is finally ready for renters in our duplex. I could not be happier. Cam and I spent most of Saturday deep cleaning it. How can I describe it? Here are a few words..Filthy, disgusting, gross....The kitchen cabinets were so bad I had to scrap off an inch of film with a razor blade-regular scrubbing would not get the scum off. I swear those things had never been cleaned. Here are some pics of only the upstairs...if you want to see the "before" shots go to my April posting-"fixer upper"-and the two after that. More pictures are on the KSL website.


Christensen Family said...

I'm sure you are so glad that the cleaning part is over! It looks great. Good luck with it all!

Heart on my sleeve said...

Ewww! I can only imagine. I'm sorry my son puts you through so much torture. I hope now it pays off!!!