Saturday, October 4, 2008

An ambitious moment

I had great plans for conference weekend, none of them included Hannah being sick with a cough and fever. Needless to say my plans changed and because we were stuck in the house I decided I wanted to do something drastic in the house.

I started thinking about our "red room" as we call it, and how it is basically nothing but a storage room that is getting junkier by the minute. When we bought this house I wanted to make it a mud room, but Cam didn't. Later we thought we would make it an extra/guest bedroom. It is pretty small and would basically fit a queen bed tightly and a small dresser. Well we have never made the effort to have enough funds to buy the bed etc.

After Christmas, and since we have had Hannah I started putting all the decorations and baby items Hannah grew out of. It was not pretty.

Today, I cleaned, boxed, and organized and made the "red room" into a Play room for the kids. I am not done yet, I want to get some shelves and Carson painted some pictures to hang on the walls. I also have only moved in a few of the kids toys. But overall, I am happy with the project!


And the semi finished after...


CristyCase said...

well you know, everyone needs to have a 'secret room' in their house. mine is my bedroom. :) cute idea though.

I just haven't figured out how to share my blog with friends yet. Should I just put the website in an email and send it to people?

Oh, and I would love to go hiking. I miss the mountains so much. I can feel this magnetic pull toward the mtn. when its been more than a week. :) its been a couple of weeks since I went. we should go together, definitely.

Janiece said...

Good Idea! The kids will love just having there own play room, they can keep it messy to, right mom.

Heart on my sleeve said...

Yep! That was a great idea for that room!