Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Field Trip

Carson had his first field trip yesterday to the American West Heritage Center. I have decided to attend all activities I possibly can while it is "still cool" to have mom go on a field trip-I know those days won't last forever. Neither Carson or I had ever been to the center before and it was a good experience.

The weather was icky-cold and raining but that didn't seem to bother the kids too much. I have to give credit to the school also-for the past week they have been teaching the kids all about the Center, and the kids were so smart, answering questions, asking worthwhile questions, they were really into seeing the things that had previously learned about.

The Center is a historic farm, the children were able to press apples into apple juice, shuck (sp?) corn-then make the corn into cornmeal, milk a cow, and see lots of farm animals. Carson thought he was quite the farm professional because he had been to a farm "lots of times" for most of the other kids they had never been to a farm before.

I couldn't find day care for Hannah that day, so Cam took the day off of work to tend Hannah so I could go-thanks honey! I am glad Carson and I were able to go despite the weather!

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