Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween Shirts

All you Family Fun readers (a magazine I highly recomend and LOVE) will recognize these cute Halloween tees. My friend invited us over to make these cute shirts. They were so easy and turned out darling.

Directions (So you all can do it too!)

Needed Supplies-White T-Shirts, Orange dye (we used two boxes-one would be plenty but two made it a darker shade of orange-of RIT "Sunshine Orange", elastics, Fabric Marker (we used a Sharpie), and cardboard.

First make your pumpkins or pumpkin on your shirt by gathering up an area and wrapping an elastic tightly around it (does that make sense?). The best way to describe it is like you are making a ponytail in your hair-only do that to the shirt :)

Follow the directions on your dye until it is a shade darker then you want it to be, rinse until the water runs clear, cut off elastics, and dry.

The entire shirt will be orange, with the white bordered circles you made with the elastics. Place cardboard in between the front and back of the shirt then decorate your "pumpkins".


The Reese's said...

you're so much better than me, i've already gone to walmart and bought each of the boys a halloween shirt but they look pretty much the same! :)

brookenamos said...

That is an awesome idea! Thanks for the inspiration to be a better mom.

Ben and Keri said...

Very festive shirts, not to mention the two adorable kids!

CristyCase said...

I hope you don't mind, but I think I am gong to steal your idea. That is so awesome!