Monday, September 22, 2008

Markers are Yummy!

All you moms know the story of "I turned my back for five seconds and..." Well here is the continuation of that story.

Look at that face-she looks so happy and proud of herself. I also love how you can see the line of the marker from her tongue to her cheek!

Thank goodness for non-toxic washable markers!


Janiece said...

Hannah you are so adorable even with marker all over your face.

We had alot of fun on our little road trip with you and Hannah on Friday night. Although we did miss you on Sunday night dinner maybe next week.

Good memories always made with Family around!

brookenamos said...

Hannah is so cute I just want to eat her up. Those dimples are to die for!

Kelli said...

So I have not experienced the whole marker in the mouth thing yet, but I have had my own fair share of things happen while I turned my back for a few seconds. I have already called poison control twice and Alleah is only nine months. I would rather be safe than sorry though. Kids keep you on your toes.

Hannah is adorable. How could you ever be mad at such an adorable face. I have to say, I love the dimples.