Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Front Runner/Trax/Mayan Day Trip

My mom treated all the grand kids (and their parents) to what I call a "before school starts extravaganza."

We met at the Ogden Front Runner station at 9:30am and rode the train to SLC. It was very nice and quite fun. The train is comfortable, smooth, and air conditioned. At the SLC drop off we boarded the trax. This was not quite as fun...it was a long ride to Sandy on the trax and lets just say not as "nice."

We made it to Sandy and enjoyed lunch at the Mayan. The kids loved the day and so did the adults. I think though, I prefer traveling in by car...the kids are much easier to control when they are strapped in car seats! The family joked that we had to leave at 8:30 (the Tremonton-ers) to have lunch a little past SLC at 12:00.

Thanks Mom for the day and memories!

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Janiece said...

We loved this day also!!! But, where is the picture with melissa's new friend?