Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And of course, I can't forget the first day of school


Yes, school has started and it is actually much better than I was anticipating. Carson is at a brand new school. It is very nice. When ever I ask him (20 questions) about school he always says "I like it but it needs to be a little shorter" He has not quite adjusted to all day school yet.

His teacher is very nice and on top of things-which I like. I have to say, that the expectations for the ALA program are quite high. He generally has about one hour of homework a night, and I have been suprised at some of the concepts they are already tackling!

A letter was sent home to ALA parents stating that if each student did not maintain an 80% in all academic areas they would be put on a 6 week probation and asked to leave the program if the 80% goal was not met in those 6 weeks. Maintaining an 80% standard is a good thing and something I would expect from Carson but I was taken back by the tone and seriousnesss! Carson is doing very well, though and we are happy that he has the oppurtunities that this program offers.

We hosted an "First Day of School Celebration" after school last Monday (August 25,2008) with kids (parents and siblings invited too!)from our ward, from Carson's old school and kids from his new school. We had a "snack shop-picninc style" with yogurt, fruit kabobs, veggies and dip, breadsticks, string cheese, pretzels, and a rice krispie bar for dessert.

I had lots of bubbles and sidewalk chalk set out for the kids and we played two organized games. We had a great turnout and a lot of fun. I think I will make this a new tradition.

Of course I forgot to get my camera out until the end of the party so a lot of people had already left but here are some of the crew!

The aftermath of sidewalk chalk...


Janiece said...

April you are so clever! What a a great idea. Carson Good Luck in school you are awesome and so smart!

Janiece said...

arpil i hope you did not make them sing