Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Presents

What a loved little girl! Thank You again for everything-I can't wait for Hannah to explore all of her new toys and wear her darling outfits!

Hannah was not to into the present thing this year. I would pretty much unwrap them for her, let her see them, and then apparently I broke her little heart by moving on to the next present. A few times, Hannah started crying her little eyes out that I had taken away her presents! Uncle Sheldon sang "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."

The present that I have to write about is the one Hannah received from Carson. About 3 months ago, Carson started planning Hannah's birthday present. He either wanted to make her a doll house or a golf course (not sure how he was planning that one) but he ended up wanting to make the doll house. Carson wanted a mansion dollhouse with different levels but we ended up with this one story one room house made by dad and Carson.

Next he wanted a professional paint job with flowers painted on the front, sparkles in the inside and so on. Again we had to settle for this. Carson picked out all the colors (he HAD to have red outside walls and a black roof-like our house) and helped mom paint it.

He was SO excited about this and for weeks we had pretended that this was my dollhouse so Hannah wouldn't know it was hers :)

Sorry the picture of the dollhouse won't upload-check back later and I will try again!

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Ben & Keri said...

The party was great! We love you Hannah!