Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Cake

I absolutely LOVE making my kiddos birthday cakes. Some have turned out better than others but nonetheless I still love making them! I am dreading the day when they ask for a store bought cake over a homemade cake.

When Carson was one he was already obsessed with trains so the obvious cake was a train. Hannah on the other hand has not really expressed any interest with one particular item so I could not decide what to do for Hannah's cake. I thought about making a number one or doing a polka dot cake or something but ended up with this. I thought it turned out pretty cute and I was pretty proud of myself! :) Carson said it looked like Hannah's first wedding cake!-I said Hannah better only have one wedding cake and this wasn't it!

Here are the results:

Hannah liked it!


Keenan & Lacie said...

Holy Crap April...Long Time No See!! How the heck are you??? Your Kids are Adorable!! I seen that you had commented on Nicole's blog and asked what I had been up to..So i thought i would say hi!! And nice cake by the way...I remember you being so talented!!! But I'm just still living in Tremonton and I'm still dating Keenan...I work at Wheatland Seed as a secretary...And that's pretty much it..I'm so boring...hahaha...But it looks like your doing well...My blog is dumb and unfinished because I'm new to it and haven't had time to figure it all the way out yet so just a warning if you look at it... Stay in touch :)

california smiths said...

Awesome cake, it looks like it was a very fun birthday!