Friday, July 25, 2008

It Started out Fun...or The things parents make their children do....or Rodeo-Bothwell Style!

There are too many titles for this post so I had to include them all. Today was the annual Bothwell Rodeo. For those of you who don't know, this is not your typical rodeo. The animals come from my Dad's farm and the participants are all the children and adults in the Bothwell ward. I am not a rodeo lover (I feel bad for animals!) but this rodeo is a must see.

Carson said he only wanted to ride a horse but ended up signing up to ride a lamb. It all started out pretty fun- until he fell off. It was also interesting to watch the audience- the kids would ride the lamb for about 10 seconds fall off and cry and everyone would smile and chuckle. Not sure Carson will participate in any more lamb riding but I was still proud of my little guy! For being a city slicker he held on for a very long time!

The landing (and "trampling" in Carson's words) was rough though. Carson has the marks to prove it-we were trying to cheer him up saying he was a real cowboy now! Unfortunately, he did not buy it.

Getting ready...

Hannah cheering for brother!

Hold on buddy!

The aftermath...Ouch!

What a tough cowboy!

I am glad this is as bad as his owies were and they did not include any necessary medical treatment. As Carson put it "I am never doing that again!" Sounds good to me buddy. :)


Heart on my sleeve said...

Carson, do you want me to call DCFS??? We call that child abuse in the ER! LOL...

Bryce and Keisha said...

Sounds like you guys have been having so fun lately!!! Carson is so cute!!! I am excited to see you guys again!