Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Girl...Hannah is One!

All about Hannah at One!

I like to crawl up to furniture, people, or anything solid and stand! I am getting better at walking around funiture.
I like to drink out of my sippy cup. No more bottles for me!
I like to shake my head No or Yes but still figuring out when I should use them.
I like to dance-whenever I hear music I get my groove on :)
I like to yell DaaaaDaaaa when I see my daddy on the stand during church (which is every Sunday).
New words I learned this month are:
Up-(with arms reached up) This is when I want someone to pick me up!
and I mimic the sounds of I love you-I am still perfecting it though.
I love to play "bonk heads" with my dad and I only give my Mommy kisses.
I like my brother to play chase with me and cheer for me.
I like to wrinkle my forehead and give a concerned look when something doesn't look right to me.
I love, love, love being outside. If anyone is outside and I am not, I crawl over to the window and pound and yell at the person outside to come and get me!
I'm not too sure about going to the gym daycare lately. It is too noisy for me.
I like to eat anything and I will try anything but my favorite foods include noodles, bananas, and green beans.
I am getting better at taking naps and sleeping at night. I still am a light sleeper but I am having an easier time falling alseep now that I am one :).
I finally have more teeth! My top left tooth came through one week ago and my right top tooth is close behind!
I am also growing more hair-it is a strawberry blond color. What can I say? I am pretty darn cute. :)
I love my family. My Mommy, Daddy, and brother are my favorite people and can always get a smile out of me.

Here I am. The Birthday Girl.

I am learning new things everyday-watch me grow!

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