Saturday, May 31, 2008

School's out for Summer!

We celebrated Carson's last day of Kindergarten on May 29, 2008. I think I must be a weird mom because I am soooo excited to have my little boy home again all day! I have missed him.

In honor of the last day of school we had a 'Happy Summer' Party. I dropped Carson off at school, made him an invitation, picked up a cake, and picked up a surprise that you will see and hear more about below.

Hear our some pics from our 'Happy Summer' celebration.

Surprise number one was a cute cat cake that I wrote 'Happy Summer Carson!' on.

Surprise number 2...a new bike for Carson! I have to explain this though...Carson has never had a new bike, his was a wonderful hand me down from his cousin. The night before this I took him on a bike ride. His seat was as high as it would go and his knees were almost touching his chin. The training wheel was bent and the bike leaned to the side at a 30 degree angle! A new bike was needed so I tied it in with our celebrations!

The last thing we did to celebrate summer was set up the tent and had a 'campout' outside. We ate treats and watched movies.

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