Monday, May 19, 2008


Cam is in NYC until Thursday. He usually mows the lawn on Tuesday night to put the clippings in the garbage for Wednesday pick up. Well, tomorrow I have a primary activity to attend and knew that if I wanted to mow the lawn it would have to be tonight.

So trying to help Cam out I mowed the lawn tonight (which I actually enjoy doing except emptying the bag-I hate that) I had about two more rows in the front yard to finish when the lawn mower made this puttering sound and suddenly stopped.

The engine then proceeded to start on fire with a little orange flame shooting out the side. Luckily it self extinguished and then just started smoking like crazy and smelling really bad.

I left the lawnmower outside and played with the kids for over an hour to make sure it didn't spontaneously combust or something. When I went to put it away it was nice and cool so hopefully it is non dangerous now!

I don't know what happened to the thing. All I can say is I will never be helpful again! I almost burned something up and I wasn't even cooking!


The Reese's said...

Those things only happen when the men are gone. I remember Coby left for NYC (ironic) and my entire basement flooded. I had all the family and neighbors here sucking up water in shop vacs while coby was gone.

Heart on my sleeve said...

Yep! Always when the men are gone. Story of my life--lol!