Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hannah is 10 Months Old!

Hannah had her 10 "monthversary" today. I really can not believe it. I love this darling baby!

All About Hannah at 10 months old!
I am MOBILE! I can get anywhere I want- very quickly too. If I am crawling on the hardwood floors I use a slide crawl method because it is faster. When I am on the rugs I crawl on all fours. My knees are raw. :(
New words I learned this month include bye bye, uh oh, ouch (taught by dad..because I am always pulling his hair!)
I know how to wave
If you ask me what the kitty says I make a hissing sound (We have a mean cat that only hisses!)
I know the actions to pat a cake-clapping, rolling, and throwing in the air.
I have a new funny smile where I scrunch up my nose and eyes and then smile. My mom and dad think it is SOOO cute.
Much to my mom's dismay I like to pull off all the "extras" she puts on me like headbands, bracelets, and shoes.
I love my brother very much.
I am so happy in the morning. I love seeing my family in the morning.
I LOVE being outside.
I like to copy my brother. If he yells for fun..I yell back!
I can almost pull myself up to a standing position. I still need some help though with this.
I like to kick the blankets off.
My mom thinks I am growing more hair.
My favorite foods are- anything really! I especially love strawberries and rice cereal mixed with OJ.
I am a very cute lovable baby...I am learning new things me grow!

Here are a few of my nicknames and who gave them to me!
Little Miss (Mom)
Lovie (Mom)
Sweet Cheeks (Carson)
Babs (Pronounced to rhyme like labs) (Dad)


Christensen Family said...

She is getting big! It goes by too fast. We should get together some time.

The Reese's said...

she looks so cute! i love to see what other babies that our close to mine do. it's funny how different they are.

Ben & Keri said...

Hannah is so cute! I can't believe she is growing us so fast! Love those dimples!

california smiths said...

She looks so much like you! I didn't realize how close her and Grant are in age. He will be ten months on Wednesday and just figured the crawling thing out this past week. She is darling!