Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our First Hike

I decided that Cam and I needed to be one with nature :) and we took our family on our first hike this Saturday. We didn't have any professional gear (Yes, that is me carrying Hannah in the Maya wrap-p.s. I LOVE that thing) but we didn't need it for our first adventure. It was basically like walking on a sidewalk but in the woods...nonetheless it was great!

I knew Carson would love it-he is the main reason I wanted us to do it but Little Miss loved it to. She was so happy, it really seemed like she was in awe and taking it all in.

Our hike was about 1 mile round trip into Strongs Canyon. The weather was perfect that day and the little creek that followed the trail was very pretty. If you keep following the trail up it will lead to Waterfall Canyon...but we were definitely not "professional enough" or prepared for that.

Our baby trail was good enough for us and a great start to what I hope will be a new hobby for us.

P.S. Thanks Nana for inspiring us and fyi Carson was not a "slowpocahontas" he lead the way the entire time!

Make this picture big and check out Hannah's cute face

Carson and Dad on the bridge crossing Strong's creek.

Pretty views


The Reese's said...

how fun for you guys! those are the memories that kids are going to remember with their parents. where exactly are the strong canyons? it looks like a nice easy but fun walk for us with kids.

Heart on my sleeve said...

Way to go guys! Keep it up and someday we can all go on a 12 miler--round trip!!!
Waterfall canyon (200 ft falls)
Adams Canyon (w/40 ft falls)
Elephant Rock
Timpanogos Cave
Even the Ogden River Parkway goes under Washington Blvd and goes for miles.
One day you may even get hard core enough to backpack into the high wilderness and camp with me:)

Cam, April, Carson, & Hannah said...

Strong Creek is on the edge of Mount Ogden golf course. If you follow 36th street East, it will take you to a parking lot and the trail head. I recommend it-it was fun!

Christensen Family said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I want to go hiking with my family too but I don't know how that will go with three little ones. Cute family.