Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Dragons

T-Ball season has officially started. Our little guy is on the Dragon team. He has really improved since last year, although when playing outfield he would rather talk to his team or the opposing team instead of paying attention.

I think his improvement can be contributed to his team's stellar coaches...Cam and April :) That's right, yours truly. When we signed him up, the recreation office could not help and notice Cam and I's outstanding athletic ability, especially when it comes to T-Ball.

We have 11 little sluggers on our team, 9 boys and 2 girls. Each child got to choose a name and then we drew out of a hat. We became the DRAGONS (be afraid, be very afraid.) We are planning on going to state this year. :)

Come support our team and enjoy 55 minutes of entertainment and a few laughs!!


Heart on my sleeve said...

Can we perhaps see a team schedule on your blog???

Ben & Keri said...

Go Dragons! Our family loves baseball...we would love to come and see the Dragons play, so let us know when and where.

shelby said...

hey carson tell me when your next game is so i can come watch!