Thursday, May 15, 2008

Early Mothers Day..being posted late.

I have the sweetest most thoughtful little boy. I have to share this cute story.

Three times a school year the "rainbow bus" makes a visit to the local elementary schools. The rainbow bus is a reward program the school does for students who can pass of the skills for the quarter (reading 25 words, etc). It is pretty much a toys R us on wheels with brand new toys the children can choose from if they are sucessful in their skill pass offs (teachers and volunteers work very hard to have each student ready!)

The bus came for the last time the week before Mother's Day. When I picked Carson up that day he was secretly holding his "rainbow bus" prize behind his back. He had a grin from ear to ear.

I asked him to let me see his prize and he said he couldn't show me until mother's day. The whole way home from school Carson was bursting to keep it a surpise and bursting to show me. Finally he gave in and told me that instead of picking out a new toy he saw this lovely dolphin statue and knew I would LOVE it for Mother's Day!

I could not have been happier or any more in love with my little boy than I was right then. And Carson was right I do LOVE my dolphin statue! It will forever hold a special place in my heart and a special place in my home! It may seem silly but I can just imagine my little guy seeing all of the other kids choose racecars, spidermans etc and he wanted to choose something for me!

Thank you Carson for the best Mother's Day present ever! I am so lucky to by your mom! I love you!
Thank you Carson!

My "lovely" dolphin statue.


Heart on my sleeve said...

Carson that statue is so cool! I bet all of the other moms at your school would be jealous if they knew their kid didn't get them one!

Christensen Family said...

That is so sweet! You have a special little boy. We hope that they never grow out of doing things like that don't we?

Ben & Keri said...

What a thoughtful boy! Those are the best kind of gifts a mother gets.