Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy 18 months Hannah!

My little one is officially one and 1/2 years old. Read all about our 18 month old...

New words and favorites: Hot, No!, Yes!, Fishes, look. Everything and everyone is now Mama too. She calls Cam Mama it is kind of funny.

Favorite foods: Sausage, peaches, grapes, potatoes, and anything she can dip. She loves to dip food in ketchup, ranch, cool whip, spaghetti sauce. If I want her to try something all I need to do is serve it with some kind of dip and she loves it. She also loves to "dip" her grahm crackers in milk.

She is now a professional climber. She loves to climb up and down the stairs, on the in-table, in the chairs, on the coach. You name it, Hannah will climb it.

She loves, LOVES, her blankies. She carries them around all the time. She loves to snuggle her face into her blankets and be wrapped up tightly in them. She can hardly stand to have them folded up and put away she always wants ALL of them out.

She has started to "pretend" play. She pushes cars on pretend roads and says "brooom." She likes to pretend to "feed" other people with her little spoon. She is a little mother to her babies. She wraps them in a blanket and lays them down on pillows and couches. She pats their backs and says "Shhh" to them. It is so cute.

She still loves animals and screams in delight every time she sees our cat. She knows where the cat food is and always wants to feed the cat. She can make these animal sounds; meow, baa, click her tongue for a pony sound, woof, quack (to her all birds quack), moo, and SSSS (for snake). Bears, Lions, Tigers, and Dinosaurs all say "Grrrr" according to Hannah.

She loves her big brother and being chased by him. She likes to wake him up in the morning.

She always wakes up so happy and easily. Once she is awake she never wants to go back to sleep-no matter how early it is!

She loves to "ride" things. Anything that looks like it could be sat on and rode, Hannah wants to do it. I can't tell you how long I have sat in the entry way to Wal-mart riding the Garfield car.

She still loves music and getting her groove on.

She likes to spin in circles until she gets so dizzy she falls down. Then she giggles and giggles.

She does a little side step gallop skipping motion to get around sometimes.

She can point to her hair, eyes, ears, tongue, teeth, hands, feet, and belly. She likes to point to them on someone else better than on herself though.

She does not like snow.

She hates any hairclips or bows in her hair. She cries when I try and fix her hair. (Any suggestions here?)

She has just started showing love for objects-she kisses the the kitty in her book. She kisses her babies and her stuffed animals. She kisses pictures of her family members.

She attends nursery and so far she is doing pretty well.

Her signature look is her hair-sticking straight up. She just doesn't look like Hannah with "flat" hair.

I got a little over anxious one day and decided to see how she did on potty training. It was a no go. She is not ready yet...we will try another day. She did however, like sitting on the potty and having everyone cheer for her!

Her little hands are always moving, trying to communicate. She points, opens and shuts for more, reaches up to hold hands, and much more.

She is sassy and sweet. Opinionated in her own little way. She is beautiful, smart, and loving.


california smiths said...

Cute little girl! My Courtney will not let me do her hair 'cute' either, so I have NO ideas for you there. Sounds like she keeps you busy, but you are enjoying it!

Kelli said...

I can't believe she is 18 months. Time goes by way to fast. She is so cute. The pictures are great. Did you take them?

Heart on my sleeve said...

I love the Peebles look! She just needs a bone for that wild hair and she'll be set!

The Ericksons said...

I LOVE that outfit! She looks adorable in those pictures.

Ben and Keri said...

She is simple adorable! I love her signature hair!

The Allens said...

Thank you SO much for coming by my blog and taking the time to comment. I really appreciated the insight. Yesterday I felt like I just got a TON of information with very little explanations and most of it was not encouraging. I have had a good attitude throughout pregnancy, but yesterday really got me on edge. It started to make me nervous about the hospital experience and the whole process. I was feeling like I would be very confined and out of control. I really appreciated your notes and I had my husband read them as well. Any other information you would like to give is welcome. You may also e-mail me at

Thank you! Sara

The Allens said...

I do have a question, if you don't mind. You mentioned changing positions in labor. During my birth plan meeting yesterday, I was told that the hospital does continuous fetal monitoring during labor. I asked about walking around and was told that my doctor had to be called and would have to grant approval for me to be removed from the monitor to walk. That stressed me out as I had expected monitoring to be intermittant. Can changing positions occur easily with continuous monitoring? Thank you again so much!

Our Family said...

hey this is your favorite niece SHELBY!! ha ha ha jk but anyways when are you gonna update ???

Christensen Family said...

Oh she is getting big. So cute! It's sad but nice too when they go to nursery. You actually get to listen to the lessons. :)