Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Surfing Utah Style

My parents treated the entire family to a night of surfing at the "Flowrider" in Ogden. I was a little nervous, but it was SO much fun-something that I already want to do again. Cam mastered stand up surfing, but I stuck with kneel on the board "surfing." I tried the stand up thing twice and after my ride of 0.5 seconds I decided to stick to the beginning level! :)

Carson is not much of a fish so after one attempt he was done. On the way home though, Carson said "I wish I would have tried it one more time."

I have the best parents and the best family. Isn't it strange how much you realize this when you are older!?

The best parents and the cutest little girl...

Carson's first and only attempt. :)

Hannah instructing us on how to do it...

These pictures crack me up the top is me after attempting to stand up and surf and the bottom is Cam before he mastered standing up. If you are thinking of trying this, don't worry-I have pictures of us doing this successfully! I just thought these pictures were funny. It took Cam only about 5-6 tries before he could stand and you can easily kneel and do it right away.


Janiece said...

That picture of Cam cracks me up! We had a blast!

The Reese's said...

looks like fun. and sorry hannah isn't having a great week. that always makes mom's feel terrible. love their halloween costumes, all the little boys in our neighborhood was indiana jones too!