Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

I love Halloween, I always have. This year was no exception. Carson wanted to be Indian Jones this year and he played the part well. He had this awesome "whip" that played the Indie them song and made "whipping" noises. Hannah was the cutest ladybug ever-with a costume made by Grandma Newman (AKA professional sewer).

In our neighborhood the houses are close together so our ward does not do the "Trunk-or Treat" thing, and I am so glad. Going from house to house is part of the fun. Hannah was so cute and I think she understood what she was supposed to do. At each house we would help her out of the wagon, she would walk to the door, choose a treat, put it in her bucket, and walk back. It was so stinking cute.

The top two pictures are taken at Cam's annual company Halloween party.

I just wanted to show the back of Hannah's costume.

Our neighbor across the street's house. (She is also a "grandma" to my kiddos) They go ALL out for Halloween so we had to get some pics. Unfortunately Indiana could not escape this adventure...:)


Janiece said...

They look so cute and look like they had a great HAlloween.

Janiece said...

So glad to see you bloggin again I know life gets crazy. Slow down a bit.

Christensen Family said...

Oh your kids are so cute! Such cute costumes. Looks like you guys had fun and with all the pumpkin carving as well. That Flowrider place looks like a lot of fun!