Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beus Pond

We discovered another little secret in Ogden recently. Carson had been here fishing before with Nana, but I had never experienced Beus Pond before. After coming here for the first time for family pictures with the Greener's I knew this was a place I wanted to come to often!

Beus Pond is a little pond about 4-5 miles away from where we live (About as far East as you can go on 42nd street-above the Dee events center). It has a walking trail around it (probably 1/4 mile in distance) and has beautiful mature trees and a bunch of ducks and geese in the pond.

A few days after pictures, I took Carson and Hannah to the pond to feed the ducks and walk around it. We were in for a little suprise! These ducks and geese have been feed so many times that they are not afraid of humans and are actually quite aggressive when it comes to being feed! Within a few seconds of the first bread being thrown, little Carson was surrounded by birds (especially the geese)! They were getting closer and closer to him as he stepped farther and farther back. One bit my foot which would have hurt I'm sure, if it weren't for shoes! Finally we had to take of running to get away from them! Now we only feed the ducks from the little bridge, so they can't get to us.

We have been to the pond many times now, and each time we buy groceries we buy an extra loaf of bread for the ducks. I love living in Ogden. There are so many things to do, we love our house, our neighborhood, and couldn't ask for more!



Time to RUN!

Hannah loves going to the pond and has learned to "quack" when asked what a duck says! Very Cute!


All About Us said...

I would have been freaking out!! I am afraid of birds. sounds like fun though. thats cool that it is so close to your house, and you guys love it there.

california smiths said...

It is always nice to find somewhere like that to take the kids to every once in a while to change things up. To answer your question, California Adventures is geared mostly to adults. There are a few fun things for kids (like talking with Crush from Nemo and the new Toy Story ride) but we mostly feel like we just walk around and waste time when we are there (but both parks are included in the annual passport so we don't feel like we waste too much). I guess I would recommned sticking to DL unless you will be there for a few days and want to just spend an afternoon at CA. But just my opinion!