Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hannah's no good, very bad day

Hannah's day started off not too bad, we went for a walk and then came home and got ready for Hannah's follow up appointment with her pediatrician. Hannah has had a cough since the beginning of October. It has progressively gotten worse, where you can "hear" her breathing from another room. She sounds like a purring kitten sometimes or a pack a day smoker-you get the idea.

At her well child check up on October 15th, I talked to the Dr about it, and she said Hannah could have a cough for 4-6 weeks after a viral illness. At that time the cough was not too bad, but like I said over the last week it has gotten much worse.

At the Dr. office today, Hannah had a breathing treatment...which as you can imagine she really enjoyed (wink, wink). But it did the trick and she was doing much better. So we now have a rx for Xopenex (at the low cost of $94.00 a box-and yes that is the price after insurance!) and are the proud new owners of a nebulizer. I don't care about the price, as long as it helps Hannah.

Hannah's great day didn't end there, later in the evening Hannah and Carson were playing chase as I was watching them. Hannah was crawling as fast as her little arms could and laughing hysterically at Carson as he was chasing her. The only bad part was, that her little arms could not keep up with her head, and she did a major face plant smack into our hard wood floors.

Her little teeth cut her top lip. There was a lot of blood involved, and her lip swelled to twice its normal size in a matter of 30 seconds. Obviously she would not cooperate to let me check out the damage, so I wasn't sure if her teeth were intact or what. Luckily they were. I also thought she might need stitches, but by the time the bleeding stoped and she calmed down it looked okay.

Poor Carson felt SO bad, and was crying right with Hannah. He thought it was his fault that Hannah got hurt. After lots of hugs, loves, and reassuring he finally understood that it wasn't his fault and Hannah was going to be okay.

Here is my little sleeping beauty about 3 hours after this happened. The swelling had already gone down quite a bit. If you click on the picture, to make it big, you can really see it. FYI..Hannah also has a little rash around her mouth so you can see her rash cream too. Poor kid!


Anonymous said...

Those days! I tell ya... sometimes when I have my bad days like hannah I just want to climb back in bed! Good thing she has such a great mom! Have a good day!

All About Us said...

Poor Girl!! Those kind of days are so exhausting. i feel for you I am glad that she is feeling better. nothing like having sick kids.

Christensen Family said...

I hate seeing little ones go through that. We know all about breathing treatments and the nebulizer. Kaissa has had to use it twice. That is so sad about the fat lip but I'm glad it wasn't worse than it was. That is so sweet that Carson was so concerned about her that he was crying too. Such a sensitive little boy.

Hales Happenings said...

Poor little girl:( I feel so bad, I hate it when my kids are sick, it's kinda hard on us mom's.

P.S. I'm adding you to my blog list!