Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hannah at 16 months old!

Note: I have had this as a draft since 11/18-and just got around to finishing it!

I was only planning on doing a Hannah spotlight every three months now, but she has learned so much more and I wanted to document it! So here's Hannah....

She can fold her arms when we say the prayer and she hollers her own "Amen" at the end. It sounds nothing like amen but she says the exact same sound after every prayer.

Loves, loves LOVES to dance-she is so stinking cute when she hears music. She has a new move now too...a little squatting motion -it is hilarious.

Still only 8 teeth and no signs of any molars yet...where are you teeth?

Everything is Mama, Dada, or Brother (sounds like Ba-ber). She always says "Hi Ba-ber".

New words include (things that sound like)- "good girl" and "peek-a boo" and "here." She will hand me things and say "here mama"

She has also now learned the word No. I think she picked it up from singing Three little monkeys jumping on the bed. (You know the part where it says "NO more monkeys jumping on the bed) because she only says NO after we sing that song.

Carson has been trying to teach her how to count and she can chime in with "twoooo"

She is fascinated with other babies and other little kids. She just looks at them and acts like she wants to touch them, but at the last minute changes her mind and pulls her hand back. It is very cute.

She is an animal lover. Especially our cat and small dogs. She doesn't know what to think of bigger dogs yet. Animal sounds she can mimic are:

"oof oof" for a dog barking

"mooooooo" for a cow

"ack ack" for a duck quack

"meowww" for a cat

She has been waking up VERY early around 5:30 or 6:00 (if I'm lucky!) in the morning (an hour earlier than her usual wake up time). She is still going to bed at the same time. When I tried putting her to bed later it only resulted in one more hour of night time unhappiness and a very happy baby at 6:00 am.

She will occasionally smile on demand with the cutest little scrunched up face that you can't help but smile back at. She is a little stingy though and will only do it when she feels like it!

She is very independent and a little busy body. She loves to explore, open and shut cupboards, take things in and out of drawers, look in any possible hole or corner she finds......

The girl loves to bathe or shower. She runs in the bathroom any time she hears water running. She tries to lift her little leg up and over the bath tub to jump in! She takes as LEAST one bath or shower a day-depending on who can't stand to see her cry when she doesn't get in and lets her join them!

She is very good at following directions. You can ask her to get her shoes, or close the door, and many other things-she will always do it. I am amazed at how many things she knows and understands.

She loves to play on playgrounds and can now (and she now wants to!) "push" herself to go down the slide. She giggles and laughs when she gets to the bottom.

She is so cute and happy.

She loves to color (or scribble!) she always wants to have a crayon or pen in her hand. I swear she has "crayon detector" in her little body. No matter how well I think I have put ALL the crayons in the house away she always manages to find one and come walking around the corner with one in her little fist!

Oh how we love this little baby.

P.S. My mom made her sweater-isn't it so cute?


Our Family said...

man she has gotten so BIG!! your mom does such a great job at making things like that i wish i was that talented but im not so o well but we love you guys and were glad you are in our lives!!!!!!!

Brittany H said...

Love the sweater, was one of my first thoughts while looking at the pics. I hope you video tape her dancing. Skye was quite the dancer at the same age, and I so regret not having a document of it.