Monday, February 23, 2009

Hannah's new smile

Both my kids have had a 'picture smile.' And they both have cracked me up. Hannah just learned how to smile on demand and the result is truly hilarious. She does not share her picture smile as much as her brother did, but if she does you are in for a treat!

I was able to catch a few variations of the smile for your viewing pleasure.

You have to click on this one to view it larger. It is so funny and cute!

Sometimes her smile consists of 'crooked teeth' positioning. Here is that one.

She looks mad in this one, but no-just another variation of her beautiful smile. She almost always does the scrunched forhead look though.


The Hales said...

CUTE pics, she is a doll!

Our Family said...

Hannah you are so silly... I love the crooked smile, and the BIG CHEESE!!! she is growing way to fast

The Harvey's said...

way cute april! I miss talking to you!

Heart on my sleeve said...

Kinda has a Klingon look, doesn't she? Warf's sister???

Our Family said...

That is SO cute!! What a doll you have there!

Brittany H said...

April she is so stinkin cute! Those dimples!