Sunday, February 15, 2009

Camping Party!

Carson carpools with two little guys J and P. The three of them have become best buddies. They want to play together every day after school, and usually do have weekly play dates. Last week we hosted the boys but I wanted to do something more than just 'free play.'

That morning when I picked them up for school, I gave each boy an invitation to the camping party. They were so excited and so cute.

I had a tent/fort set up for them when they came home that they loved. Carson received a star theater for Christmas so we set that up and they watched a star show on the ceiling of the tent. I then read the boys ghost stories by our fireplace. After that we made smores and cooked them in the oven. The kids had so much fun and played in the fort for hours.

Poor little Hannah really wanted to join in all of the fun...she loves her brother and always wants to be by his side!


Our Family said...

April you are the bestest mom!!!! What a fun day them boys are always going to want to come over to carsons...You are the PaRtY MoM!!!

The Reese's said...

that looks so fun! great idea for my boys :)