Sunday, February 15, 2009

Complain fest

I am finally posting a few of our happenings. I know I say this all the time, but I have been so busy these last few weeks. I really feel like most the time, I am running on empty and just working through each day-day by day.

I can not describe school any better than a love/hate relationship. One side of me really does enjoy it, I like learning, I like the clinicals, and when I think about my future I really am excited about it. The other side of me HATES the time it takes-especially when that takes time away from my family.

Besides school obligations, Cameron has started busy season at work, which means early starts and late finishes. Oh and did I mention...he just bought a triplex! I am really excited about that (heavy on the sarcasm here) We have also had a lot of church obligations (besides our usual ones) -Cam and I were asked to speak at New Beginnings, I spoke in sacrament one week ago, and we have had a baptism every Saturday for the last 3 weeks-4 counting this Saturday.

I also was asked to head up a big project for Carson's school. I said yes, when I should have said no. All of this is contributing to late nights and early mornings for me.

Wow...what else can I complain about? ;) Really, life is good here. I may not have all the time I want in the world, or be able to do all I want to, but I have the cutest kids in the world, a good supportive husband, the true gospel in my life, and too many other things to list. SO really, what else can I ask for?


Our Family said...

You go right ahead and complain a bit it sounds like you need a shoulder to cry on just trying to keep up with your crazy schedule of Life...Keep up the good work you are AWESOME!!!!!

All About Us said...

Let's just call you SUPER MOM!! you are awesome!! Keep up the good Work. your kids will remember these things forever. Well Carson right now!!

The Harvey's said...

April, you sound like you are swamped! If you need anything let me know!