Monday, February 23, 2009

Forever 29

Cameron celebrated his birthday yesterday. As he said, from now on he will always be 29. I think he could pull it off, because in my opinion he still looks like he is 21.

We celebrated low-key style. I made him his favorite dinner-chicken enchildas and all the fixings. I tried a new recipe for his was "Olive Garden's chocolate lasagna" It was very delicious but probably the ugliest cake I have ever made. The frosting was extremely difficult to work with!

Here are a few things I love about Cam.

He is such a hardworker.

He is handsome.

He is an excellent pianist.

He is an excellent handy-man.

He is smart.

He is a worthy priesthood holder.

He has always provided a comfortable life for his family.

He takes me to the temple.

He is a good dad.

He loves a nice home, and always makes sure that things are in order at home.

Once he starts a project-he always finishes.

Love you Honey! Happy Birthday!


Our Family said...

Happy Birthday Cam!! 29 huh!!!!! hahahaha you are getting old like the rest of us... Happy Birthday

Heart on my sleeve said...

Remember when I was 29?
I had your sister...
We moved to Maryland...
You wore "air chickens", lol, lol, lol...
Laura Strickland was your piano teacher...
You got jumped after school because you wore "air chickens"...
Next year you will finally be an adult! :)