Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have had many titles in my life, daughter, student, teacher, nurse, mother, wife, etc. This week I earned a new

Last Thursday, the Dragons played their final game. It was mixed with relief and with sadness for me. First the relief...

What a commitment! Two days of games and practices is a huge time commitment!

Responsibility! We HAD to be at every game and every event (coaches training, closing ceremonies). I would like to say that we are responsible but sometimes the option of not having to go is nice...even though most likely we would have went anyway!

Fairness! This was probably the hardest thing for me. I wanted to make sure that everything was fair. At the age of 6 I did not think it was important for the 'best' players to play pitcher etc. All of the kids needed a fair rotation of positions and that was difficult to do! I was of the opinion that this was strictly to have some fun and teach some t-ball basics. Some parents/opposing teams thought this was the professional leagues and I hated that! I also did not want anyone to think we were favoring Carson so he probably played outfield the most. It was hard to find a fairness balance and we did the best we could.

So now the sadness.

Time goes by too fast. T-ball is over-the end of an era in the Greener household. Carson will play pitch next year. Ouch, he is growing up.

I really did like our little team. I know all the kids, and their families. I was happy when they succeeded. I wanted them to feel good about themselves and feel like they could do anything they wanted. I hope they had a good experience.

The fun is over. Next year, they keep score, call outs, and if you are not one of the best you sit on the bench. Seems a little intense for 7 year olds, but I guess that is a skill that each child has to learn. I want to 'protect' Carson just a little longer though...

I do not think we will ever be Carson's coaches again. We are not athletic or knowledgeable enough. That is why we did it this year so we could do 'our community service' and then let the professionals take over!

I will add 'Coach' to my list of titles, tuck it away and pull it back out when Hannah wants to play!

A dragon lives forever-Go Carson!

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