Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hannah is 11 months!

All about Hannah at 11 months!

I can pull myself up and stand up. My mom finds me in my crib standing anytime I wake up.
I can dance.
I can drink out of a straw.
I love to drink out of my sippy cup.
I am figuring things out like, I try to put socks on my feet or hats on my head. I try to plug things into the outlet,
I can shake my head no.
I only have two bottom teeth. (Note from mom, I just learned in school that children should have there age (example 11 months) minus 6 and that is how many teeth they should have. So Hannah should be close to tooth number 5...where are they?
I have discovered opening drawers and cupboards.
My favorite foods include: bananas, ham, mashed potatoes, crackers.
I usually sleep through the night. Occasionally I wake up for a little snack.
I can hold my own. A girl has to stand up for herself. :) When my brother is pestering me, I either crawl away really fast or I climb on him and bounce aka "bum drops" With that said...
I really do love my brother. He entertains me, plays with me, and makes me smile and laugh a lot.
As always I LOVE being outside.
New words I have learned

Thank you
What's that? (Doesn't really sound like that but it is :)

(Note from mom, Hannah's language has really taken off this month. She will mimic almost everything she hears either with sound or with the pitch of her voice. We may hear it over and over again (like Thank you) or sometimes she will say it once and then that is it.)

And lastly, my mom's favorite...
I give kisses

I am learning new things everyday! Watch me grow!

Here are a few pictures from my 11 month birthday.

I did not want my pictures taken tonight. Some of my pictures turned out pretty good (like above) but most looked similar to the ones below.

Make this picture big to show off the bottom lip. It is so cute.


Heart on my sleeve said...

Hannah is SOOOOO cute! I love that quivering lower lip. What a doll!

Ben & Keri said...

She is growing up so fast! She looks adorable smiling or crying!