Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hannah's ancestry...? :)

There is always much debate and friendly arguing about which side of the family our cute children look like. Carson is obviously his father's child-that boy looks nothing like me. I always smile when I look at my blonde haired, blue eyed boy...I never would have imagined that my child would have those traits. Carson does have my personality though :)

When Hannah was a newborn, it was hard to say who she looked like. Her eyes took forever to change (first the normal blue/gray look, they then changed to definetely blue, then greenish, then hazel and at 5-6 months finally brown!) Her hair is the same, it looks brown with a little red tint to it but if you look at what is coming in on the back it is pure white! She also has an olive/darker complexion I think she looks more like me but others disagree.

Well a friend of mine finally figured it out! She told me that Hannah resembles the Kewpie doll! Well, I had never even seen or heard of a kewpie doll so I looked them up. It's true, Hannah is a long lost relative of the Kewpie doll.

Hannah's relatives...? :)

Pictures to Compare too...

What do you think? She definetely has the same mowhawk hair style, head shape, big brown eyes, chubby cheeks, and I have definetely seen her pull Kewpie doll expressions before. Kewpie dolls are cute but I happen to think my Hannah is by far the cutest model/make of the Kewpie/Greener family.

P.S I ordered Hannah a Kewpie doll for her 1st birthday. I think it is important for her to see some of her ancestors :)


Heart on my sleeve said...

Definitely a Kewpie doll!!! Love those dimples and big brown eyes!!!

california smiths said...

She looks a lot like the Kewpie doll, but I think she looks more like you!

Nicole Tingey said...

your girl is so cute!!! Lacie is living in Tremonton and working at wheatland seed. She is dating Keenan Barfuss last time i talked to her? she seems to be doing really good! thanks for commenting back! i love your page!

Ben & Keri said...

Hannah does look like a Kewpie doll! She is adorable!

Tawna said...

Hi April! Good to hear from you. She totally looks like you, you have darling kids. Your blog was fun to read! It's crazy where everyone ends up in life. I actually lived with Meggan the past 6 years, we all just moved home for a bit, so I'm in contact with her. She would love to hear from you. Her e-mail is

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