Monday, December 22, 2008

Carson's Birthday Party

At the beginning of the school year, a "rule letter" was sent home to all students. One of the rules stated that party invitations could not be given out at school unless ALL children were invited to attend. Good rule.

Carson read this and immediately interpreted this to mean that when you have a party you invite everyone in your class. He preceded to remind me of this many times, and even more so, when it came time to planning his birthday party. The more the merrier but where to have this party??

The Treehouse Children's Museum was perfect for the occasion. They did such a great job and the party was a huge success. The invitations, craft, a special story, cake and ice cream, plus plenty of time to play in the museum was included in this party package and it was worth it. It was a no stress, safe, and fun place for Carson's friends.

On the invitations I wrote:
"No gifts please. Your Child's presence is present enough!"

Carson has more toys and things than he can even play with. I just didn't want people to feel obligated to buy him a present. I also didn't want it to seem like we invited the entire class just so he could get more presents or something. There are also many children in his class that I know (from volunteering, field trips etc), but do not know their parents. I was worried about Carson because he like any little boy loves presents but he was more excited to have his friends be together and have fun. This idea worked really well for us.

So, during the time the museum sets apart for gift opening I had the kids draw a picture of themselves and sign their name to put in a memory book for Carson. This turned out so darling and will be something I continue to do.

Two of Carson's Party Pals portraits of themselves. (Note...each child had their own piece of paper, I just scanned these two together so I could show you more of the masterpieces!)

Matt our "Party Planner" He was great!

Carson choose a pirate theme for his party. Here are all his guests wearing their craft (the pirate hats) and saying "Arrgh!"

Carson's cake, included in the package. It is a treasure chest. It was so delicious! It was seriously one of the best cakes I have ever eaten!

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The Harvey's said...

I love that idea! December B-days are so hard! Aubree's is December 13th. Will have to talk about it next time you work, I would like to know all of the details, maybe I could do something like this for Aubree's b-day- next year! when do you work again?