Monday, December 22, 2008

The Big Debate

Every year Cam and I have the big debate over a fake or real tree. Every year I win and this year was no exception! :) I have also convinced Carson that real trees are better so now it is two against one! :)

I love real trees, they are represent a tradition for me. I remember chopping down our family Christmas tree and then eating my mom's chili and hot cocoa up in the forest after. I love the smell of real trees and every thing about them.

Although we don't go up to the mountains and chop down our own tree (I would if we could!) we still have fun picking out our tree. Carson is the designated tree picker and always wants the fattest one.

Our tree this year is very simple but beautiful. It has white lights on it and then white handmade crocheted snowflakes (made by my mom) on it. There is a reason why there are no other ornaments on our tree...

When Carson was one, he pulled an ornament (a glass bulb) off the tree, tried to eat it, and broke it. He had little glass shards all over his little hands and little cuts all around and inside his mouth. I immediately thought worst case scenario- that he had glass in his stomach and during the night it was going to cut open his stomach or intestines or something and he was going to die, so after playing those thoughts in my head we took him to the ER. A few hours later we were home with our happy boy who hadn't swallowed any glass. (Just for journaling purposes ;) this happened while I was sleeping after working a graveyard and Cam was "watching" Carson-I forgive you Cam...:)

Needless to say I am still weary of ornaments when the kids are in that exploratory stage which our Hannah defiantly is. I love our simple REAL tree though!

See...look how "helpful" Hannah is-imagine if those were breakable ornaments! Also, isn't Hannah's dress cute?


The Reese's said...

that is seriously one of my biggest fears! i don't have any glass ornaments on my tree either. just plastic. looks like your birthday party was fun too, i love the tree house museum.

california smiths said...

That is the craziest story about the ornament. I love the snowflakes on the tree though. Talented mom!

Christensen Family said...

We have a fake tree but love the real trees. We will eventually go to real trees but for now it is so much easier. I don't put glass ornaments up any more for that purpose. We never had any break and hurt any of the kids but we have had many broken ornaments that we had to clean up. We do the snowflakes too. Very cute! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!