Monday, June 1, 2009

Safety Week

May 18-22 was safety week at Carson's school. I have decided to be as involved as I can be with Carson, while it is still "cool" for Mom to be there. I was in charge of "Fire Safety" day. I got the big idea (Cam thought I was crazy) that I wanted to have a fire truck come to the school for an appearance. One of our ward members is a fireman, so I asked him if that would even be possible. He pulled some strings and the fire truck came to the school for 3 hours on fire safety day. They let the kids climb on the truck, they sprayed water, and turned on the lights and siren. Needless to say, it was a huge hit. Score one for Mom!

On a side note...this cute little girl, my Hannah is posed with is another Hannah from Carson's class. She always loves to see our Hannah because they share the same name. On this day, 7 yr old Hannah wanted her picture taken with little Hannah in front of the firetruck.

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california smiths said...

What a great mom! That is a great safety day for the kids!