Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Day of School Party!

Carson and I started a kindergarten tradition that I hope to carry on for many years. On the last day of school, we wake up early for a celebration breakfast at McDonald's. We continue the celebration all night long with activities and fun. This year we included Carson's two best school buddies (and carpool friends) to join us.

Our afternoon celebrations started by going to Cold Water Springs in North Ogden for some fishing. Carson has been here before on a father/son outing and LOVED it. He has been begging to go ever since. As most of you know, I am not one for fishing or any activity that is mean to animals. I talked myself out of that, and told myself it was for Carson and I could do it.

I don't know what I was thinking...but lets just say I will be leaving the fishing up to Cameron in the future. I thought there would be employees to help get the fish off the line etc, no such luck. I was having anxiety over it, when luckily before any fish were caught, a kind man at the pond came to our rescue.

He taught the boys how to take the fish off the hook and was very helpful to us, and I left with clean fish free hands, which I couldn't have been happier about!

The pond is just swarming with fish and it was easy for the boys to catch them. We did some exploring, some fish feeding, and then headed home. Like, I said I won't be attempting that on my own again, the boys had so much fun.

Next, we went on one of my favorite hikes up 27th street to the little pond that is there. This time I came prepared for the kids to take their shoes off and play in the pond and stream. The water was icy cold but they loved it and Hannah loved getting wet too.

Carson loves to do neighbor "boo's" where we buy a little treat and sneak up to their doorstep, leave the treat, and run. We always do it for Halloween and Christmas, but I knew the kids would love doing it anytime. We bought some treats and each of the kids made a note that said "Yeah! School is out! From your secret friend" (each child made their own note that said what they wanted...but you get the idea :) We then snuck to a few kids in our primary who had their last day of school that day and dropped of our treats. Out of 3 houses we got caught twice, but it didn't matter, the kids still had a great time.

Last, we had dinner (kids choice-chicken nuggets) and made smores over the fire pit. We did some sparklers (shhh-don't tell!) and played tag and outside games. It was a fun night, and Carson sure slept well that night!


Our Newman 6 said...

HOW FUN!!! Your are the BESTEST mom always having good ideas and fun activities for the kids wish we lived closer to that fun fishing pond Mick would LOVE that.

Ben and Keri said...

This looks and sounds like a lot of fun!