Friday, May 1, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

One of the blogs, I like to read Kelly's Korner started this up and I thought it would be fun to join in. Today is Kitchen Edition.

As most of you know our home is in the historic district and built in 1920. While I love the old aspects of old homes, the kitchen just has to be modern! Here is our kitchen (pictures taken in the fall as you can tell by the orange pumpkin :)

This little arch is the top of what used to be the old wood cookstove in our house. When we finished the kithchen I begged (and then demanded :) that Cameron keep some of the arch. I am not much of a decorator, and rarely hang things on the wall (obviously) but I do like to keep fresh flowers in the arch and on the table.

I also love our hanging pot rack, a feature I didn't love originally. I had to buy special pans just to hang there (ha!), and according to Cam, I can't even use them! Who would have known? My mom gave me the kitchen tools you see hanging. They were my great grandmothers-I cherish those.

The island in the middle took some getting used to, especially having the stove in it. But now I like it. When we bought the house the kitchen needed the most work. I had envisioned a white kitchen becuase our old kitchen was mostly white, and white just seems light and clean to me. It turned out green with black appliances that have grown on me. Eventually, when our money tree starts growing more money :) I want to get a black microwave and a black dishwasher so it all matches.

The cupboards and the layout were the only things we kept from the kitchen, but all the glass was out of the cupboards. It was a month or so before we had the glass replaced and I got used to never opening up the cupboard doors. I just put the dishes away through the slots where the glass is now.

Next to the fridge there used to be a "wet bar" with a sink and all, but we ended up taking all of that out. My favorite feature is the double ovens. I love those.

The stain glass windows are said to be from the old historic church that was torn down close to our home. I love those windows.

So, there you have it! Join the fun!


Anna said...

Thanks for the have a warm, beautiful home!

Pam said...


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

pumpkinpatches said...

I LOVE older homes!!!! They have so much character that is un-matched in new homes!

The Stain Family said...

Here's a good question...I have an L-shaped kitchen that opens to my dining and living room. I've been contemplating taking down the cabinets above my cooktop, but that would leave me with no venthood. I noticed you do not have a venthood above your cooktop. Has that worked well for you?

Ashley said...

I really like your pot rack above the island! Thanks for letting us look! :o)

Sarah Denley said...

I love the color of your kitchen!